Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tamiflu Is Not Good For My Tummy

It seemed like whenever a widely pandemic disease would occur, I'm anywhere but in my home country. Just like when SARS was such a scare 6 years ago, I was in Taiwan then. I was so afraid I'll contract the deadly disease and never see my family again, paranoid huh? Not really, it was really serious back then.

And now, the infamous swine flu has arrived in Dubai (without even getting a visa LOL). Working in a hospital entails risks, and the possibility of being infected by a communicable disease such as H1N1 virus is nothing out of the ordinary. So I was exposed but not yet infected, don't have any signs and symptoms or anything. I just hope my strong immune system wouldn't let me down this time. And now I am taking Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) 75 mg once daily for ten days, just for prophylaxis. Horrible. I've never experienced such bad side effects before. I felt dizzy and my head was throbbing. Been to the bathroom like million times already, and the vomiting was so gross, feels like I could vomit my intestines out. But what got me worried was the nose bleeding, I haven't had nose bleed since 3rd grade.

Anyway those signs & symptoms happened during the first few days of taking the said medicine. I'm feeling better now, I'm on my day 7 and I just can't wait to finish this prophylactic treatment and forget I ever went through this.

And that is why I've been away from blogging this past few days, so sorry guys, just need to re-establish my health and I'll surely be back in the circulation. See you around and take good care of your health!