Monday, February 18, 2008

Escape to Carnagan

A place where you can really put your troubled thoughts and emotions at rest... Carnagan, a few minutes away from Toril, Davao City. Just being there, away from the noise and pollution of the city, breathing fresh and clean air, feasting with the beauty of nature, made me feel like I'm slowly healing within.

I was so exhausted from the previous Red Cross Training that I almost didn't want to attend Doodz' birthday party held at this amazing place. Imagine what I'd missed!!! I'm so glad I went there, I was totally mesmerized.

One day, I'll build my dream rest house there, so I can indulge myself more with the serenity and peacefulness only nature can offer.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Becoming A Lifesaver: The Final Day

Sorry guys I wasn't able to post immediately what has transpired in my week long Red Cross Training. It's just that everytime I go home I feel so exhausted. But here it is finally, some of the photos...

Monday, February 11, 2008

What A Long Day

Hey guys, I wasn't able to take pictures of the activities at the training today because I left my digital camera at home (how unfortunate!). But we had a lot of fun anyway however tiring it was.

Since it's our first day, I expected that we will just be having lectures on theories but to my surprise we had hands-on activities right away. Oh my, I was so inappropriately dressed (tight fitting blouse, skinny jeans, & sandals)! So when I started leaning over the supposed "victim" I was very uncomfortable. And we were kneeling for quite a long time that my knees and legs were actually shaking violently and were really quite painful. What a way to learn a lesson, wheeew! Tomorrow I should know better. I guess I need to wear something sporty.

Don't worry guys, I'll eventually post photos from the red cross training here as I had promised. Thanks for spending some of your precious time reading my blog!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Becoming a LIFESAVER: Day 1

I am feeling better today, I guess I really did kiss those bugs' asses goodbye (for now hehehe). I have a feeling that this day will be a great one. Me and my friend Xenia are about to attend a very rewarding training: Basic Life Support to be conducted by Red Cross Philippines, Davao Chapter. In all my nursing student days I had never experienced responding to an emergency situation outside the hospital. So I’m quite excited, even thrilled to undergo such an experience (not that I’m hoping a real accident should happen :-D).

I’ll post some photos which I’ll be taking later today so you guys will be kept posted.

Good Luck to us and have a blessed day everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caught a BUG!

I woke up at the wrong side of bed this morning. I feel heavy and my head is aching. Alas! I caught a BUG! My nose is dripping and my throat is so dry it’s hard to cough out those annoying bugs. Is this the consequence of my actions the other day? Indeed, life is a reflection of you, it gives back what you have given. But was I wrong to protect my family from harm? Well, I’ll never regret what I’ve done because I know that it benefited my love ones. And if this is what I get from protecting them, then I’ll gladly endure the consequences.

And I’m sure that these bugs won’t stay long within me. For I’ll make their stay a living hell (hehehe)! I’ll drown them with water and kick their asses by eating nutritious food and taking plenty of rest. Let’s see who will emerge the victor.

Cheer up guys…and stay smiling throughout the day. It’d lift the ages off your face ;-D.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tag From Dyinkai

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In The Face of Battle

Last night I put on my armor, raised my shield, and loaded my weapon. I was never more ready and alert in my whole life. With watchful eye, I started to look for their camp. And with swift grace, I aimed at what they thought to be their safe haven and with all my might I unloaded significant amount of ammos to their homes. Boom! one by one they disintegrated, others just didn't know where they're going, while some laid flat on their backs unable to move...paralysed. But still I was not satisfied, I ran after all of them, very determinded to make their race or specie extinct. When the battle was over, I looked at the casualties, tsk tsk tsk poor COCKROACHES they won't live to see another day!

I know that every single creature has the right to live, but if they'll endanger the health of the ones I love, I'll never think twice! They'll just have to find another place to make their home.

Now that the war is over, peace reigns in our home. But I'm still vigilant and still on the lookout, counter-attacks do happen.

Keep your homes and surroundings clean and tidy...and be free from diseases caused by these dirty bugs.

Have a nice and bug-free day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Unfaithful Love Letter

I never thought someone so nice, so special … someone like YOU, would come into my life. Love, as I had experienced it, had never been this strong, so fulfilling… so true. You touched my heart in the most passionate yet the gentlest of ways, and never had I felt so loved and cared for UNTIL YOU… I knew from the very first moment I laid my eyes on you that something very wonderful will happen, and I’m so glad I made the right move. I don’t care what other people say about you, or what they think about me, and the relationship that we have. All I care about is the time when we could be together as one and never be apart ever again.

You’ve loved and lost, I know. The pain that you’ve been through is the cruelest of all, I know that too. But now I’m here, so don’t be afraid, my love, the pain that you’ve felt may be great but not incurable. My love is healing… believe and be healed by its pureness and depth. I may not be the perfect one you’ve always dreamed of… but my love is.

Some people say Valentine’s Day is just the same every year, very routinely. But not for me, because now I have you, every thing that you do and say has meaning… has life. Life has been so beautiful because of you, and I’m looking forward to spending a lifetime with you, and even beyond.

I love you. Beyond words. Beyond time. Beyond distance.

I wrote this love letter 6 years ago, it was a fine Valentine’s Day then. We were so inlove, so happy that each and every word in this letter shined with hope and truth. And at that moment, I really meant what I wrote. I never thought I could ever read this again after what I’ve done to the recipient of this letter. I’ve asked for his forgiveness far too many times and he said he had already forgiven me for every single thing that I have done. I don’t deserve it, I want him to be angry at me, even hate me. But he was not, and he did not.

You might be curious about what I’ve done to him. Well, I just fell out of love, and that’s the most painful words you could ever tell someone who loves you genuinely. I left the country to work abroad for two years and as days go by, my feelings for him slowly faded and I couldn’t seem to stop it. I guess the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” really fit huh? But inspite all that, he still tried so hard to win me back. He kept calling me and saying he’s just right there waiting for me. I feel so bad, so evil, and I started hating myself because he won’t do it for me.

Yeah he’s so damn good to be true, and someday I will definitely regret letting a fine man like him go out of my life. And I so deserve it. But after 6 years, I think it’s about time I forgive myself. I hope this blog will find its way through him, then I can finally let go and move on.

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and keep loving…

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Glimpse From My Childhood

When we were little kids, my brother and I used to play together at all times. One rainy day we were confined inside the house because our mother won’t allow us to go outside. So we just sat at our doorstep and watched the falling rain. Suddenly a squeal caught our attention. It was “Matsing”, our neighbor’s monkey, squealing because he was soaked wet with the rain. The playful side of us was aroused and we began chanting and laughing at Matsing because his owner did not even remember to shield him from the rain. The monkey got very angry and began tagging hard with his chain as we continue laughing at him. Then suddenly he got loosed and launched toward us. My brother quickly stood up and ran into his room leaving me face to face with a very angry monkey. Then with all his hatred and anger, Matsing grabbed my legs and bit me. I screamed in pain, and was still screaming as my mother carried me in her arms. I was not even aware that the monkey wasn’t there anymore. The last thing on my mind was that my brother left me when I needed him most… and I cried more.
Now that we are grown up, I look back to that experience, gone were the hatred to my brother, because now I realized, he too was too young to think of saving me from that monkey. He just acted out of instict, and he told me that he realized later how coward he was for leaving me all alone out there. I told him that I was not alone out there, I had with me the monkey :-D