Friday, February 1, 2008

A Glimpse From My Childhood

When we were little kids, my brother and I used to play together at all times. One rainy day we were confined inside the house because our mother won’t allow us to go outside. So we just sat at our doorstep and watched the falling rain. Suddenly a squeal caught our attention. It was “Matsing”, our neighbor’s monkey, squealing because he was soaked wet with the rain. The playful side of us was aroused and we began chanting and laughing at Matsing because his owner did not even remember to shield him from the rain. The monkey got very angry and began tagging hard with his chain as we continue laughing at him. Then suddenly he got loosed and launched toward us. My brother quickly stood up and ran into his room leaving me face to face with a very angry monkey. Then with all his hatred and anger, Matsing grabbed my legs and bit me. I screamed in pain, and was still screaming as my mother carried me in her arms. I was not even aware that the monkey wasn’t there anymore. The last thing on my mind was that my brother left me when I needed him most… and I cried more.
Now that we are grown up, I look back to that experience, gone were the hatred to my brother, because now I realized, he too was too young to think of saving me from that monkey. He just acted out of instict, and he told me that he realized later how coward he was for leaving me all alone out there. I told him that I was not alone out there, I had with me the monkey :-D


Keith said...

I suppose I need to take the time and think what memories are most important for me... Thank you for your post

siella said...

Thanks for reading my post keith. It's really great to remember our past, because waht happened to us before somehow made us what we are now. Have fun recalling your childhood memories!!!

Keith said...

Ms. Siella, I think this is a wonderful site. Salamat kaayo. Keep writing.