Monday, February 11, 2008

What A Long Day

Hey guys, I wasn't able to take pictures of the activities at the training today because I left my digital camera at home (how unfortunate!). But we had a lot of fun anyway however tiring it was.

Since it's our first day, I expected that we will just be having lectures on theories but to my surprise we had hands-on activities right away. Oh my, I was so inappropriately dressed (tight fitting blouse, skinny jeans, & sandals)! So when I started leaning over the supposed "victim" I was very uncomfortable. And we were kneeling for quite a long time that my knees and legs were actually shaking violently and were really quite painful. What a way to learn a lesson, wheeew! Tomorrow I should know better. I guess I need to wear something sporty.

Don't worry guys, I'll eventually post photos from the red cross training here as I had promised. Thanks for spending some of your precious time reading my blog!

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