Monday, February 18, 2008

Escape to Carnagan

A place where you can really put your troubled thoughts and emotions at rest... Carnagan, a few minutes away from Toril, Davao City. Just being there, away from the noise and pollution of the city, breathing fresh and clean air, feasting with the beauty of nature, made me feel like I'm slowly healing within.

I was so exhausted from the previous Red Cross Training that I almost didn't want to attend Doodz' birthday party held at this amazing place. Imagine what I'd missed!!! I'm so glad I went there, I was totally mesmerized.

One day, I'll build my dream rest house there, so I can indulge myself more with the serenity and peacefulness only nature can offer.

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jennyr said...

hello shie! gablog pod diay ka? hatag ni ate sa akoa ang link. kanus-a lang ka nagsugod shie? mustah man ka diha? welcome to the blogging world diay!