Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caught a BUG!

I woke up at the wrong side of bed this morning. I feel heavy and my head is aching. Alas! I caught a BUG! My nose is dripping and my throat is so dry it’s hard to cough out those annoying bugs. Is this the consequence of my actions the other day? Indeed, life is a reflection of you, it gives back what you have given. But was I wrong to protect my family from harm? Well, I’ll never regret what I’ve done because I know that it benefited my love ones. And if this is what I get from protecting them, then I’ll gladly endure the consequences.

And I’m sure that these bugs won’t stay long within me. For I’ll make their stay a living hell (hehehe)! I’ll drown them with water and kick their asses by eating nutritious food and taking plenty of rest. Let’s see who will emerge the victor.

Cheer up guys…and stay smiling throughout the day. It’d lift the ages off your face ;-D.

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