Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got A Brillante Award!

The recipients of the Brillante Weblog are welcomed to put the Logo on their personal blogs and have the honor of passing this award to seven other bloggers.Here are the rules for passing on the award:

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I got this award from Jenny, I really appreciate her warmth in welcoming me into her circle. Now it's my turn to share this award to these great people:

Dyinkai - this woman is my long time friend, although she's so busy right now (trying to balance married life and the hectic life of a student nurse) she still finds time to make her blog updated. what a woman!

Madz - although I know this girl just through the world wide web, i feel that she's a very nice woman and her blog seemed so similar to mine, i really can relate.

Angie - i love all the crafts that she's in to, though i'm not a crafty person myself. Her blogs are full of them.

Rochelle - this girl is real cool, if you don't believe me, go visit her blog and you'll see.

Michelle - her blog is really refreshing, especially everytime i see her cute baby.

Alpha - her blog is just awesome, everything under the heat of the sun, name it and you'll have it.

Ridwan - this blog is very helpful especially to a newbie in blogging and internet marketing.

August is Here!

Welcome August! The summer heat here in Dubai is at its peak. It hurts to stay outside even just for a few minutes. The air is so humid it made breathing difficult. So I rather stay in my room during my off, it saves me from spending money and from getting sick. A very good and wise choice. For those who can't help but be outside, I suggest you drink plenty of water and wear sunblock sparingly, it will keep you away from the hospital due to dehydration and sunburn.

Anyway, eight more months and I will be home again together with my family. Really time fly so fast but I want it, I need it to fly faster. I know that if you count the days, it will stretch longer, but what can I do, I think of my baby all the time I can't help but count the days when we'll be together again.

For the mean time I'll be concentrating on my work (and blogging of course!). I know that this is a very good and beneficial diversion.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Found this from a friend's blog, it's really quite cool! It says that I'm purple, though my favorite color is yellow. Well, it's a really nice combination!

You are most like:

You are Purple

You are vibrant and strong, and often associated with royalty. Your power may cause other a little discomfort at time, but only because they are weaker than you.


Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

Wow it renewed my strength to know that I'm powerful, but really I'm not letting it into my head LOL, try this quiz to find out if it jives with the type of person you really are.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I miss my baby so much!!!

It's so hard to be away from your family, to not see, talk, touch them every single day. Not even phone calls or video chatting can ease the dull ache of missing your love ones. But I must admit, our modern technologies nowadays do lessen the pain of separation.

I chat with my baby Jamjam whenever I have off from work, and everytime we do I miss her a million times more. This morning is no exception. Then I just knew that she had an asthma attack last Friday without me knowing it. I really hate it when they're not telling me what's happening with my baby, they say they just want to spare me the worries. I know they mean well and that they're taking best care of Jamjam but I'm her mother and I have the right to know and I want to know what's goin on with my baby. Of course I'll always worry, I'm a freakin'mother (sorry got carried away)! I want to share what she's feeling. I don't want to feel happy when she's not.

Good thing she's feeling better right now. God knows ít's the most important prayer I always ask Him. Please keep my baby (and my family) healthy, safe, and happy at all times. And I know He always hears me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Think Positive

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 20)

After weeks of talk about developments that would substantially alter your life, you're not taking developments seriously. You should. This time offers aren't just good, they could remedy persistent financial issues. Prepare now by analysing what works.

Indeed there are lots of things that are occupying my mind lately. Now I realize that I'm losing my focus: to be a practicing NURSE. My original plan was to work here in Dubai and then save money to pay for NCLEX and IELTS exams, Really, I need to refocus and reorganize my plans. I need to start studying and reviewing again. Be more productive instead of worrying about things that wouldn't help me grow as a person and as a professional. As a matter of fact, it would just do the opposite.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Devil Wears Scrub Suit

There are times in our lives when we start questioning the real reason of our existence. Is it how much we have on this life, or how well we live it? Is finding love and happiness ever enough to make our stay here worthwhile? What about our relationship and how we deal with our love ones, relatives, friends, colleagues, and even to a complete stranger?

I know the answers of these questions greatly vary with how a person values life, and how he/she sees and lives it. Having reached a point where I really don't know whether to run, hide, or fight, I am now seriously reflecting and contemplating the issues that's been bothering me for the past few weeks.

It's very discomforting to know that someone hates and dislikes you so much they would go as far as ruining your life. I know that I don't have anything to worry about because almost everyone is on my side (well that's what they lead me to believe, and I do believe!). Still it's very uncomfortable to work in a place where you don't know what's the devil's menu for the day. It's so disheartening coz I've come to love my job, and I'm proud where I am right now. I never felt this job is low coz I'm considering this as my training before I can be a full fledge nurse. I know I'll be a Nurse, and no one can ever stop me from becoming one.

I still firmly believe in the Golden Rule, what you do unto others shall also be done unto you. So if you're nice and true to the people around you, that's how they'll treat you also.

Nice, sincere, loyal, honest, and true people are the ones I want in my world. So better review your qualifications LOL just kidding, but I think it's not too much to ask for.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's payback time

World renowned astrologer, Shelly von Strunckel, really gazed at my stars accurately these past few weeks, so I'm making it a habit to read her daily forecast in the Gulf News tabloid, and posting here the weekly ones you can read in the Friday Magazine.

I'm a Geminian through and through. And this week, this is what I have to expect:

When the word profit is mentioned, usually finances come to mind. There are, however, many ways in which you could be profiting from situations. Others owe you favours, a repayment for what you've done for them. Now it's time to pay up.

Indeed it's payback time, life is a boomerang, it will always go back to you. I just hope that when it finally does, you can very well handle it. Good Luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In my new uniform

Most Welcare employees never liked their new uniforms. They say it's uncomfortable compared to the scrub suits they are used to wear. It kept me feeling the same coz really wearing loose, comfy scrub suits allow you to work with ease and comfort. And I dreaded the day my new uniform will be ready. I was even happy when my pants are too loose and I have them adjusted. It took almost 1 month to have the alterations, to my greatest joy LOL.

But then, nothing lasts forever. My pants are repaired and it fit quite well. I have to accept and start wearing it. Maybe I'd come to like it. Guess what? It's really not that bad.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I got paid today!

I'm so thrilled today coz I just made my first $20 at PayPerPost. Real fast huh, so what are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing blogger site now. You get to write what you love about life in general...about anything under the sun or even beyond! And what's great about it is that you get paid doing it!

There are millions of opportunities out there, and all they ever wait is YOU. Have fun earning money! Best of luck.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A very disturbing month

Hey guys, I know I've been away for quite a while. This is a really hard month for me, I am in the middle of trying to make my relationship run smoothly and conflicts with people who I thought were my friends. I've been emotionally stressed at work because some people just judge you right away without hearing what you have to say.

Friends are supposed to be your allies, they should not destroy your person just because of some bad rumors. They should be open & honest to you, and most of all they should trust you. And vice versa. It's a mutual relationship like any other.

Now I learned my lessons well the tough way, and I know much better who should I trust and call my friends. When I share to you my thoughts, you know that you're one of the people I want to be around with. And in this life, I want to keep as much friends as possible. I just hope and pray deep in my heart that everything will be all right.