Monday, July 28, 2008

I miss my baby so much!!!

It's so hard to be away from your family, to not see, talk, touch them every single day. Not even phone calls or video chatting can ease the dull ache of missing your love ones. But I must admit, our modern technologies nowadays do lessen the pain of separation.

I chat with my baby Jamjam whenever I have off from work, and everytime we do I miss her a million times more. This morning is no exception. Then I just knew that she had an asthma attack last Friday without me knowing it. I really hate it when they're not telling me what's happening with my baby, they say they just want to spare me the worries. I know they mean well and that they're taking best care of Jamjam but I'm her mother and I have the right to know and I want to know what's goin on with my baby. Of course I'll always worry, I'm a freakin'mother (sorry got carried away)! I want to share what she's feeling. I don't want to feel happy when she's not.

Good thing she's feeling better right now. God knows ít's the most important prayer I always ask Him. Please keep my baby (and my family) healthy, safe, and happy at all times. And I know He always hears me.

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