Thursday, July 31, 2008

August is Here!

Welcome August! The summer heat here in Dubai is at its peak. It hurts to stay outside even just for a few minutes. The air is so humid it made breathing difficult. So I rather stay in my room during my off, it saves me from spending money and from getting sick. A very good and wise choice. For those who can't help but be outside, I suggest you drink plenty of water and wear sunblock sparingly, it will keep you away from the hospital due to dehydration and sunburn.

Anyway, eight more months and I will be home again together with my family. Really time fly so fast but I want it, I need it to fly faster. I know that if you count the days, it will stretch longer, but what can I do, I think of my baby all the time I can't help but count the days when we'll be together again.

For the mean time I'll be concentrating on my work (and blogging of course!). I know that this is a very good and beneficial diversion.

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