Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling Restless

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 20)
If you're feeling restless, it's no surprise. You're bound to be drawn to new ideas and distant settings. Explore them all. Having done that, you'll want to give serious thought to one or two.

Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 18)
There's one particular topic you haven't been able to address, mostly because you're unsure. What you learn from others will be illuminating, so much so, you'll find it easy to formulate your views.

Taurus (Apr 19 - May 19)
Nothing renews your feelings of optimism more than discussing promising new ideas. But some seem determined to do things their way. Raise your concerns. At first they may dismiss them. Don't argue. Ask why. This will foster an exchange of ideas.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 21)
Sometimes decisions need to be made swiftly. Now, although it may seem things aren't that urgent but the pace is picking up. Knowing that, you'd be well advised to gather facts necessary for making decisions in a hurry.

Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 21)
Others are becoming increasingly depressed by certain situations. Everybody else is being sympathetic. But if you really want to help them, make a date to sit down and do a little brainstorming.

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sep 21)
You're usually the first to advise others to be careful about committing to too much. Yet as you've taken on new projects, you've tried to keep old ones going as well. This isn't working. Acknowledging this isn't easy.

Libra (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
Having tried every diplomatic solution for troublesome issues, you've no choice but to adopt a forthright approach. Forget concerns this will upset others. They've long known something was amiss. Once you're talking things over, they'll be remarkably supportive.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 20)
After the dramatic and unsettling events of the past month, there's a need for answers. You'll get some in a conventional manner, by discussing facts with others. You'd be wise to listen to what your instincts are telling you, as well.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
This hardly seems the ideal moment to be demanding. However, some of what you have in mind would benefit others. But you must explain ideas with them in mind. Think your concepts through carefully and then figure out how they apply.

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)
Don't take recent setbacks too much to heart. True, the failure of your plans is hurtful, although you'd never admit it. Actually, if you can manage to reveal at least some of your vulnerable emotions, you'll be amazed what people reveal about their own feelings.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Not everybody agrees with your decisions. Certain of those individuals will have a say in both your plans and the financial end of arrangements. You must figure out a way to make what you've organised seem reasonable and appealing.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 19)
As much as you respect the views of others, when it comes to arrangements, you must do things your way. Compromise now you will regret it, they will remember you didn't stick to what you believe in.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Teens

I can still remember my teenage moments like it was yesterday. Oh how I missed it. The wreckless fun and adventures together with my closest friends were exhilarating. I still have with me the gifts and tokens we gave to each other, how simple life had been then. Now I already have a baby who will be at any time step on to her teenage period. And you know kids nowadays, they grow up to quickly. That's why as early as now, I'm starting to buy gifts for teens so I won't be left out of the cool-mom trend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Better Luck Next Time

The dreaded day was over, and as many suspected, I wasn't able to bag the driver's license. It was not that horrible though, as many said. I started out smoothly and my nervousness slowly faded away. Until one Pakistani guy abruptly crossed the street, so my right foot instinctively rammed on the break pedal. And that's it! My hope started to slip away as I saw my examiner shaking her head in disappointment. I admit that it's my mistake, so I'll never do that next time. The next time any guy will cross my way during my RTA test I'll never step on the break, I'll run him over!!! LOL just kidding, I guess I just need a little bit more luck.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unblock Internet Censorship

In certain countries, especially in the U.A.E. where cultural and religious beliefs prohibit certain sites to be accessed, it is not common to be blocked off from your favorite sites even if it's not pornographic. To get the best of everything from the internet, I suggest you get a World Secure Channel VPN account. It will provide you privacy, malware and viruses protection, anonymous surfing, ISP controls on torrent downloaders and P2P networking, and access to blocked sites.

Dragon Mart

This is a photo of the fountain just outside the mall, it's lovely!

Shushu and I went to Dragon Mart last night. I wanted to buy a new cellphone for my sister, but I don't have enough budget for an expensive one. She told me that it's okay for her if I buy those Made in China ones as long as it is cool and slender. Our eyes had their fill, there's so much to buy in there. But I ended up buying nothing cause I'm worried that it will malfunction too early. So we just strolled and had our dinner in a Chinese Restaurant inside the mall. The food was exquisite, I really love chinese food!


Who never gets addicted with the cool and exciting world of Anime? Whether it is a TV series, video games, comic books, etc., it penetrated people from all age brackets and from every corner of the world. I remembered my childhood days, me and my brothers were so addicted with the Anime TV series, Dragon Ball Z. It was being aired every six in the evening, so all of us were already settled in the couch, waiting like forever, and when it's finally on we didn't want it to be over. There's really not much to choose from during my time. But now everything is just so animated, you name it and you will have it.

And if that ain't enough, Anime Chat City will give you the ultimate satisfaction for your Anime hunger. Like any other online chat site, you need to register first before you can enjoy their vast benefits available only to their members. But there's nothing to worry about because you will not spend a single cent while registering. And signing up is quick and simple. Fun and exciting chat mates all around the world who are crazy about Anime are just a few clicks away.

Did I mention that you can see who you are talking to via online webcams? That's true... now hurry and don't miss the fun!

Good Luck Needed

Tomorrow will be my RTA Road Test, and I'm feeling queasy in my stomach already. After 10 days (1 hour each day) of undergoing driving classes, I still don't think it's enough to familiarize myself with the super complicated streets in Dubai. I never thought that getting a driver's license here would be very difficult. Most people I know did not pass on first take. They said it's the system here. You need to fail for them to earn. But I refuse to believe, I'm still optimistic. I just hope and pray that tomorrow will be one of my lucky days. Wish me good luck guys...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tattoed In My Mind

I particularly love this song by Sitti Navarro, but this post is not about this song. It's about a Tattoo Chat that has been rocking on the internet. Eversince my college days, I've always wanted to get a tiny and pretty tattoo of butterfly or dragonfly on my shoulder. I wanted it to be light and clean. And I still want it up to now. But I'm afraid that maybe I can't stand the pain. Specially because I hate needles! But when I came across Tattoo Chat City where millions of chatters around the globe meet and discuss all the good and bad things about tattoos, I wanted to reconsider. The chatters their have been through a lot of tattoo experience, and they want more. So if they can endure the pain, so will I. My Shushu is very excited when I told him about this cause his crazy about tattoos, though he doesn't have much. He also wants it to be tidy. He often buys the henna ones, so if he gets tired with the design, he can just wash it off and put a brand new one.

So if you have a thing with tattoos, join the fun! Signing up is plain easy, fast, and absolutely free. Their website is very user-friendly, you'll have what you want in just a simple click.You can also see and share new designs with your chatmate through the webcam. See you there...


Gemini (May 20 - Jun 20)
For somebody who adores the latest, you're surprisingly reluctant to explore offers coming your way. Perhaps that's because they'd involve changes in your life. Bizarrely, however, you're eagerly discussing activities that could be even more disruptive.

***Actually I'm not that reluctant to explore offers that I encounter, it's just that the last time I went all the way to fulfill my dreams almost cost me everything. Now I'm just on standby mode, ready to take what is rightfully mine. I wonder what disruptive discussions I'll be into again, whatever it is, it could only mean with Shushu, he's the most argumentative guy alive!

Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 18)
Often if others don't think or speak fast enough, you ignore them and proceed with what you've planned. Now that would be unwise. They have valuable ideas or even offers to make. Also, welcome changes in various obligations are unfolding.

Taurus (Apr 19 - May 19)
Your initial reaction to recent offers was wariness, both about what they'd require of you and the changes involved. Still, you're tempted. Waste no time dwelling on the familiar when the future's calling. The facts may be vague but there's plenty of time to ask question.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 21)
Once you understand that the current unsettling mood is about asking questions and getting valuable answers, you won't mind probing even difficult situations. True, your recent efforts to deal with these were disheartening. Try to meet others halfway.

Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 21)
Recent events alerted you to an imbalance in several areas of your life. In each, you're giving more than you get. While it may seem you're being short-changed you must first consider whether others fully understand what you need and want.

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sep 21)
Tuesday's encounter between Mercury and Jupiter promises success with existing ventures and thrilling offers. However, the current unsettling mood could obscure their virtues. So instead of trying to make decisions, express interest in everything.

Libra (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
While this is a week during which your dreams are likely to be fulfilled, you won't necessarily recognise the events when they're actually taking place. This is partly because they're somewhat different from anything you'd planned or expected.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 20)
The problem isn't looming changes in elements of your work or lifestyle. These were already on your mind. It's just that others are taking over and you're unsure where their plans are headed. Instead of brooding, ask them.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
If you haven't realised it already, February's last half is about growth, new ideas and opportunity for you. Many are a result of your past efforts. While not everything will come good, each event will contribute to the beginning of a new chapter.

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)
Others often complain that good fortune seems to come your way from nowhere. That's because you rarely mention your extensive preparations for those seemingly lucky opportunities. And those that arise during this month's last half are even better than they seem.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
This is one of those times when everything just seems to come together. So much so that you're somewhat anxious about situations because things are moving so fast that information is scarce. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to get those facts.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 19)
It would be so easy to get absorbed in the exciting dramas going on around you. However, with Wednesday's new moon ending one cycle and beginning another, you and certain looming decisions must come first. Gather your facts and discuss this with others.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cool Shades

I've always wanted to have my own home, all mine to design and decorate according to my style and taste. This time my family is planning to purchase one, but we need to relocate to the suburbs. After 11 years of living in the city, we are going home to our hometown. I feel very excited and melodramatic. All my childhood memories flooded my mind. It's a wonderful feeling. Anyway, I can't wait to go home and start all the needed work. Hopefully, I can make our home a replica of this...


...minus the tall buildings on the background though and half the size LOL. Isn't it very cool to the eyes? I found this one @ The Shade Store, and I just can't get it off my mind. Every corner was designed to be light and cool. But what I like the most is the solar shades, very stylish and neat. It protects you, your furnitures, and the interior of your home from the harmful UV rays. It will keep you and your family feeling refreshed all the time since it is a very good heat absorber. And it will not obstruct the panoramic view outside because it is made in very light shades.

I think I can recommend this one to my great friend Belle, who is a nature lover by heart, since this product is GreenGuard Certified, it will not hurt Mother Earth!

All SocialSpark Bloggers and our readers will get a 15% off and free shipping on all orders. Just use this code when purchasing: IZEA01


Reye's Syndrome

Today we admitted a child with clinical manifestations of fever, rashes, and hepatomegaly (liver enlargement). The doctor's initial diagnosis was Hepatitis. But as they assessed the child deeper and laboratory reports came, they finally diagnosed her with Reye's Syndrome. This is one of the rare cases we encounter here in the hospital.

So what is Reye's syndrome? It is a potentially fatal disease that causes numerous detrimental effects to many organs, especially the brain and liver. It is associated with aspirin consumption by children with viral diseases such as chickenpox. So it is very important to remember: not to give your children Aspilets during a viral infection.

The disease causes fatty liver with minimal inflammation, and severe encephalopathy (with swelling of the brain). The liver may become slightly enlarged and firm, and there is a change in the appearance of the kidneys. Jaundice (yellowish discoloration of the skin, sclera, and mucous membrane) is not usually present. Early diagnosis is vital, otherwise death or severe brain damage may follow. The cause of this disease is still unknown, that is why they call it a syndrome, to cover the umbrella of symptoms being manifested by the disease process.

The treatment of Reye's syndrome varies. Since it is an acute, rapidly progressive disease, it should be treated as a medical emergency, and time is of the utmost importance. The chance of recovery is greatly increased when it is treated in its earliest stages. To date there is no cure for the disease. Successful management of the disease depends on early diagnosis. Therapy is primarily directed to protect the brain against irreversible damage by reducing the brain swelling. Medical management includes IV infusion of 10% Glucose in maintenance salt solution, maintain airway and brain oxygenation, and IV mannitol.

People with Reye's Syndrome require the services of an intensive care unit and physicians and nurses experienced in the treatment of the disease. A person with Reye's Syndrome should be transferred to a teaching hospital or a children's hospital. If this is not possible, immediate phone consultation with a teaching hospital or children's hospital. The majority of individuals with Reye's Syndrome are children; however, cases have been reported in adults.

If Reye's Syndrome is suspected, two liver function tests should be done immediately: SGOT (SAT) & SGPT (ACT). Abnormal SGOT and SGPT strongly suggest a diagnosis of Reye's Syndrome. Immediate further diagnostic testing will give a definite diagnosis.

References: Wikipedia and National Reye's Syndrome Foundation.

System That Works

Working in an organization that have excellent and efficient system is a great opportunity, and not everybody is that lucky to be in such situation. So if your company is struggling to balance between employees' efficiency while cutting on your company's expenses, TeamWox could be the answer to your needs. They offer Company Management System that will provide you with a complete and functioning system to increase your company's productivity and efficiency without hurting your budget.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't Wait To Go Home

I'm excited beyond explanations now that I've booked my ticket already. I miss my baby so much, I just want to hold, hug, and kiss her for the whole month of my vacation. I haven't finished my shopping though, I just bought her a very cute and pink PSP and a SOny Ericsson mobile of the same color.

She's also very excited for me to come home. Everytime we are chatting, she'll always ask me "how many days more to go mama?" She's been counting the days when we will be together, however short time it is. But I'll make sure we will enjoy each other to the fullest, at least to last for the next 11 months until I'll go home again next year.

Just wish it is already March 24!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheap Vision

I can't wait to go home to my country, my sweet beloved Philippines! I just want to stay and linger with my baby Jamjam and the rest of my family. I also have lots of shopping to do because the very high cost of living here in Dubai is getting unbearable. Clothes, shoes, bags, and a pair of new eyeglasses are on top of my list. Actually I'm using contact lenses, but there are times that I just could not wait to get rid of them and put on my old pair of specs. At the moment I'm looking for a cheap but stylish frame so I browsed the net and look what I have found...

Very elegant and stylish! I couln't get my eyes off on this one. And this is just one of the many gorgeous frames ZenniOptical is offering online. I really had a hard time choosing which is the best since all of their frames are so cool. This store is becoming more and more popular as they offer the best quality frames without compromising your budget. In fact, there's an article in The New York Times mentioning how one can save on their eyeglasses needs if they buy it at

So instead of buying frames at a local store in the Philippines, I will definitely purchase this one online. Check it out too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heaven Sent

Heavens must be knowing how sad I am, that's why this came along my way...

"Big changes are afoot this week. On a positive note, whatever is changed or cancelled needs to go. What appears in its place is much luckier for you. Monday gives you your first big clue."
- by Justin Toper, star astrologer for OK magazine.

I'm not such a superstitious person, but I do believe in magic. This just lifted my spirits up a bit. I do believe that when one door is slammed shut in your face, definitely windows of opportunities will soon open. All yours for the taking.

Termites Off

Have you ever wondered what do termites look like? Do they have a face, because if they do, I'd gladly slap them into smaller and tinier pieces! Speaking from experience, I remembered when we fully treated our home to get rid of those tiny demons, after the treatment there's almost nothing left of our house.

So if you're in a similar situation, you better visit this
termites guide site. They provide helpful information on how to get rid of a bunch of termites and on how to totally extinct termites colonies. Don't share your home with these pests, get your home cured, now.


Today marked the lowest point of a brighter career for me here in Dubai. It's just so devastating and disheartening that I am still in my denial stage. Early this morning we went to DOHMS to get our assessment result, whether they will allow us to sit for the exam or not. We spoke to the head of the licensing department, and unfortunately she told us that there's nothing she can do to help us. That we should get at least 450 hours of hospital experience as a Staff Nurse first.

Well I guess this is not the right time for me yet, but I'm certainly not giving up. I'll just wait for the time when all my efforts will come to fruition.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Russian Oil

Interested in the stock market? Click here to read the best of russian stock market review.

Enjoy your day!

What is A.G.E.?

Is your child vomiting, having frequent loose, watery stools, having fever, and complaining of stomach pain? Chances are, the little one might be having Acute Gastroenteritis. What is it? Simply, it is an inflammation of both the stomach and intestinal linings, usually caused by rota or adeno viruses, or it might be caused by some bacteria.

If it is plain viral, treatment would be aimed to relieve the symptoms. Prevent dehydration through adequate fluid replacement and anti-pyretics and pain relievers to ease the pain and fever. Viral infections usually last for 5 days to a week, and are self-limited, so anti-virals are usually not given. However, if it is bacterial in nature, then antibiotic therapy must be started and it must be adhered to strictly to be effective.

Acute Gastroenteritis is acquired through oral-fecal route. So one important thing I must emphasize is the usefulness of handwashing, to prevent the spread of infection to other members of the family.

Clean hands are not only good to see, but also good for our health.

Tooth Fairy

A single smile can brighten up even the gloomiest day. But always make sure that you have nice, clean teeth when you do smile to make it a perfect day. That's why I always take extra care of my teeth, brushing it after every meal, and not eating too much sweets. I also remind my baby jam to clean her teeth frequently (though she often forget, to my greatest disappointment). I remembered when I was just a little kid, my father used to bring us to our family dentist. Me and my siblings really dreaded our dentist. Not because she's ugly (in fact she's very pretty), but because of the dreadful things she's going to do to us. Lately I realized that she's a fairy, saving little children's as well as old ones'teeth from being rotten. And I'm very thankful that she saved my two front teeth, I was so decided to have it taken out, but she didn't. Now I know why, false teeth are so out of fashion LOL.

I planned to look for a dentist in my area, a new one. But decided against it. My dentist knows every inch and every curve of my teeth, she is such an expert and I trust her. So if you are looking for a good dentist who will take good care of your teeth, make sure you choose the best. And you might find Dr. Aleid, a family dentist, the best! Through years of education and experience, he is an expert in teeth whitening, teeth prophylaxis (cleaning), root canals, crowns, filling,veneers, and a whole lot more of dental services that will cater to all your dental needs. Their clinic environment and professional staff will make you feel at home and dread-free. If you are not yet convinced, take a look at his website to learn more about his family friendly clinic.

Keep smiling guys...

Keep The Faith Alive

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 20)
You're already aware that business or financial situations aren't at all straightforward. Plus, you dread dealing with them. Put them off, however, and they'll only become more complicated. Ideally you'll have them settled by midweek to avoid distractions.

***I really hope I could settle things by next week, and I hope and pray that it would be on the affirmative side. I'll just see and wait...and keep the faith alive!

Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 18)
Teamwork is this week's theme. While this benefits you in the long run, the slower pace of certain individuals is likely to cause you serious short-term frustrations. Actually, they're doing you a favour by taking their time. It will help you learn about better options.

Taurus (Apr 19 - May 19)
When others insist on doing things their way, let them. You may be sure they're wrong but with Monday's eclipse turning both elements of your plans and the world around you on end, even the simplest of plans could need to be reorganised.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 21)
Not only are others likely to regard sudden developments in a dim light, they'll dispute your more optimistic interpretation of their potential. Neither argue nor justify your thinking. This will only result in delays. Just quietly do what you regard as wise

Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 21)
Monday's eclipsed Full Moon ends one cycle and begins another. This means leaving behind what you know for something unfamiliar. Still, take a chance. You soon realise that even challenging developments give you exactly the boost you've been needing.

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sep 21)
Troubling as unexpected developments and shake-ups in close relationships are, when you view them in retrospect, you'll recognise them as having been breakthroughs. It's just that they also mean altering several elements of your life.

Nobody has a better instinct about when others should take the lead. So you'll probably realise that despite your anxieties, forcing the issue would make things worse. Actually, this gives you a chance to review your own priorities with some surprising results.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 20)
Between recent power struggles about seemingly simple matters and the changes triggered by Monday's eclipsed Full Moon, you're feeling concerned. Dire as things seem, this is part of a pattern of beneficial developments. Be open-minded and give them a chance.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
You welcome new ideas or the unexpected. Yet the developments that accompany Monday's eclipse could be so sudden or far-reaching that even you are overwhelmed. If so, do the minimum. Things will get better next week .

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)
Ordinarily you'll organise plans well ahead. However, your ruler Saturn's recent clash with Uranus made it clear that even the simplest of arrangements can't continue as you intended. Unsettling as this is, it also opens the door to new ideas and opportunities.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
By now it should be clear that you're in a cycle that's redefining your life and way of thinking . Recent shake-ups raised questions about arrangements you've regarded as enduring. At first this seemed disastrous but now you realise those changes are freeing you.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 19)
Don't mistake developments that require a review of existing relationships or future plans as something to worry about. They're actually only part of a cycle that while unsettling is also freeing you from arrangements you didn't realise were restricting you.


Light In A Flash!

In a third world country such as the Philippines, where power failure is a common occurrence, having a powerful and reliable flashlight is very helpful. We do own one, but unfortunately it was of low and bad quality. Everytime we need it the most, that’s the time it chooses also not to function. It really gets into my nerve that I want to throw it into the trash!

I know it’s about time to get a better one. Then I came to know about this durable and amazing brand of flashlights while surfing on the internet, streamlight flashlights. Streamlight focuses more on innovating its products to ensure better quality and more satisfaction for their costumers. All of their products went through strict quality control to provide the following features: power, strength, reliability, handy, and safety. Did I mention it is water-proof? You can never ask for more in a flashlight. What’s more important is that they are ready to give you bright lights whenever and wherever you need it.

Streamlight does not only solve your domestic lighting needs. They also offer flashlights usable for a variety of fields. Whether you want to go hunting or sporting, they will take care of your outdoor lighting needs as well. So go and get one, now!

B/O Myla's Shower

Last night we all gathered at Ate Jesusa's place to give Ate Myla and her soon-to-be baby a special shower. It was just a simple party, just to wish her and her family more luck and more blessings to come.

Ate Susa made all the preparations, from food to the special gifts for the baby. The food were so tasty and delicious that we all had our fill. The gifts are lovely! We gave her a baby rocker, a comforter set, and a baby clothes set. I know the baby will look so cute on that clothes! And of course I was the one in-charge for the decorations. Well, I've done well, and everybody agreed. Unfortunately, we didn't stay late since others still have morning duty the following day.

We had so much fun though, all the picture-takings and the video footage. I know those memories will last forever!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Looking for a new webhosting service needs a lot of thinking over. It is because there are so many web hosting companies which offers the same piece of the pie. It's just a matter of choosing which one gives you the best deal of your hard-earned money. I've been looking around for some time now, but I haven't found the right one just yet.

Recently I've been at Web Hosting Geeks. There you can find numerous web hosting companies which are being reviewed and rated by their customers according to their performance and services. It could immensely help you in deciding which company offers you a great deal and reliable service.

blog is also a very informative portal. If you want to learn more about web hosting, you better spend some time reading their posts.


At a glance, you would never notice that this picture was taken in a hospital (except that I'm wearing my uniform LOL) because you'll be mesmerized by the lovely flower arrangements that surrounded me. My uniform is such a spoiler! If you are taken by the mere picture, imagine what I felt being surrounded by it. I was awed not only with its beauty but also with their price! Rich people...

Anyway, more flowers came in the morning filling the rest of the hallway.

There Is Hope

Life is precious. No matter how huge and numerous our trials may have been, the fact that we are still breathing is just a miracle. We only got one chance in life. Knowing that, we should not take it for granted. But I’ve seen people destroy themselves, seen how they ruined their lives and those who cared for them by drowning themselves with alcohol or taking prohibited drugs. In exchange for what? For a few minutes or hours of pleasure? It’s just not worth it.

If you find yourself in this situation, it's high time you wake up and be responsible with your life. Seek medical advice, find a drug treatment center that will take care of your rehabilitation needs just when you need it most. It’s never too late to start anew. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you broke it, but how you manage to pick up the pieces.

Healthy Twist

Since I'm working in the hospital, I've been meaning to write about the usual and rare cases I've encountered here. I'll start with the most common cases like Acute Gastroenteritis, Febrile Illness, Bronchiolitis, and the list goes on... to the rare ones like Kawasaki Disease, Costello's Syndrome, etc...

I'd just define it simply and discuss the usual management we do in the hospital as well as give home care instructions. I'm thinking this could be helpful to all parents out there who might just be in similar situations. Knowledge can lessen the burden of stress and worrying, so let's educate ourselves.

How Argumentative Are You?

There are times when I just feel like arguing and making my point clear with so much emphasis that sometimes it could get me into trouble. But I believe that expressing oneself is healthy since it could relieve the stress that's building up inside you.

So if you're boiling deep within, you better visit these political blogs and let it all out. They have all the topics imaginable, from politics, ethics, religion, to business, economy, and just about anything under the scorching heat of the sun. I tell you, the aftermath is quite refreshing.

The Love Month

Love is in the air and we should share it! Everybody has the right to be inlove this Valentine's Day (we could be inlove anytime of the year though). And if you're loveless for years in a row now, well don't despair, he or she might just be right around the corner.

For me, Valentine's Day isn't just about falling in love. It's also about staying inlove (if you know what I mean). But most importantly, it's about sharing your love with your family, and friends, and with everybody!

We should never give up on love, keep on loving guys...