Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today marked the lowest point of a brighter career for me here in Dubai. It's just so devastating and disheartening that I am still in my denial stage. Early this morning we went to DOHMS to get our assessment result, whether they will allow us to sit for the exam or not. We spoke to the head of the licensing department, and unfortunately she told us that there's nothing she can do to help us. That we should get at least 450 hours of hospital experience as a Staff Nurse first.

Well I guess this is not the right time for me yet, but I'm certainly not giving up. I'll just wait for the time when all my efforts will come to fruition.

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Clarissa said...

Never give up-- there will always an answer for that so hold on and have faith.Your time will come for that so don't lose hope.^_^