Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heaven Sent

Heavens must be knowing how sad I am, that's why this came along my way...

"Big changes are afoot this week. On a positive note, whatever is changed or cancelled needs to go. What appears in its place is much luckier for you. Monday gives you your first big clue."
- by Justin Toper, star astrologer for OK magazine.

I'm not such a superstitious person, but I do believe in magic. This just lifted my spirits up a bit. I do believe that when one door is slammed shut in your face, definitely windows of opportunities will soon open. All yours for the taking.


Jacky said...

But always believe in one God ,,, he will lift up our spirit... god bless you sis... and have a happy day ahead

Nicolaus said...

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Clarissa said...
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Clarissa said...

You are a heaven sent--thanks for being friendly.
Happy Valentine's Day,dearie!!