Friday, February 20, 2009

Tattoed In My Mind

I particularly love this song by Sitti Navarro, but this post is not about this song. It's about a Tattoo Chat that has been rocking on the internet. Eversince my college days, I've always wanted to get a tiny and pretty tattoo of butterfly or dragonfly on my shoulder. I wanted it to be light and clean. And I still want it up to now. But I'm afraid that maybe I can't stand the pain. Specially because I hate needles! But when I came across Tattoo Chat City where millions of chatters around the globe meet and discuss all the good and bad things about tattoos, I wanted to reconsider. The chatters their have been through a lot of tattoo experience, and they want more. So if they can endure the pain, so will I. My Shushu is very excited when I told him about this cause his crazy about tattoos, though he doesn't have much. He also wants it to be tidy. He often buys the henna ones, so if he gets tired with the design, he can just wash it off and put a brand new one.

So if you have a thing with tattoos, join the fun! Signing up is plain easy, fast, and absolutely free. Their website is very user-friendly, you'll have what you want in just a simple click.You can also see and share new designs with your chatmate through the webcam. See you there...

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