Monday, February 23, 2009

Better Luck Next Time

The dreaded day was over, and as many suspected, I wasn't able to bag the driver's license. It was not that horrible though, as many said. I started out smoothly and my nervousness slowly faded away. Until one Pakistani guy abruptly crossed the street, so my right foot instinctively rammed on the break pedal. And that's it! My hope started to slip away as I saw my examiner shaking her head in disappointment. I admit that it's my mistake, so I'll never do that next time. The next time any guy will cross my way during my RTA test I'll never step on the break, I'll run him over!!! LOL just kidding, I guess I just need a little bit more luck.

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Clarissa said...

better luck next time,Siella!keep on trying!^_^