Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Perfect

I have been longing to buy a nice digital camera for Jamjam. I can’t help but notice that she has an eye for photography and arts. Everywhere we go, she will take pictures however simple it is. She has taken so many pictures of me without me knowing it, stolen shots I suppose LOL. So I want to get one for her so she can develop her hobby into a talent, who knows I might be the mother of the future most famous photographer that ever walked the earth!

And speaking of cameras, I think the digital ones are very in right now. Long ago, we need to finish the whole roll and wait for an hour or so for the developing before we can see the crazy things we’ve been doing in front of the camera. But now, we can take unlimited pictures in just one easy click, and the printing is very quick too!

So if you wanna buy a digital camera, to capture the special moments in your life, and even those simple ones too, you should check out 42nd Street Photo. The author have a great selections of cool and elegant digital cameras all over New York, with very high quality and performance at a very reasonable price. Don't get behind, grab

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Keith said...

You commented on my blog that you are new to blogging. I am glad to see you still have a desire to write, to share. I think bloging is fun.

As for cameras, I bought a camera with a memory SD card, and a battery charger. I paid 12, 500 Php (250 USD) for the camera. I have no doubt I will never develop a roll of film again. I know that once I entered the digital world, and with a nasty computer habit, digital cameras make sharing pics online amazingly simple.

Salamat kaayo. I hope to read you again