Friday, May 20, 2011

Quite some time...

For so long I wasn't able to visit my own blog, much less write an entry. More than a year is quite long to be quiet, so I decided to be proactive again. This blog of mine is a personal diary, something I can look back and review some salient events that happened in my life. I made the wrong decision when I stopped updating it, and now I'm going to correct that mistake.

To summarize what happened in almost two years... I wasn't able to go back to Dubai, as originally planned, because of familial and financial reasons. I won't pout about it any longer, I've moved on. I still work as a pediatric nurse in a local hospital here in Davao, and is quite happy and contented, at the moment. I guess you'll just have to make the most out of life, whichever way the wind takes you. Anyway I'm with my family, and loving every moment of it, so I didn't really feel like so much have been lost to me. They haven't given me a chance to feel that way ;-P

Now I'm back to blogging and business. I just hope my blogger friends still recognize me. See you around friends, and have a great day!


Belle said...

welcome back! help naman how to have friends here please..thanks! so i guess mas marami tyo chika dito nyan. ;)

siella said...

sure bellux, ikaw pa malakas ka sa'kin hehehe