Friday, January 16, 2015

Fingerprinting done, finally!

All I needed to have my RN license here in New Jersey is to be fingerprinted by Identogo to complete the Criminal History Background check. But that wasn't an easy task. Because of the USCIS error in my name, I couldn't get one decent and valid identification issued by a U.S. federal, state, or county to present to any Identogo facility.
But we went to DMV anyway and get an I.D. with my wrong name, and presented it to the Identogo clerk. I was so nervous she'd turn me away, but all she did was scan the barcode at the back of my DMV I.D. and fingerprinted me. My fingers were cold and shaking (didn't know if she noticed it), I'm afraid she'd stop anytime and tell me "Oh, your name in your ID doesn't match the one written in the Universal Fingerprinting Form". Fortunately, the whole ordeal went quickly, and I expelled the breath I was holding on as soon as I got out of the facility.
I just hope the FBI or the NJ State Police will look into USCIS system and find out it was just a mere typographical error. Until then, I'll just keep on praying that everything will finally fall in its right place.

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