Friday, March 21, 2008

The Move to DUBAI

I'm still overwhelmed with the feeling of disbelief that I'm on my way to DUBAI, UAE. So engrossed with the thought of leaving my daughter that I wasn't able to take pictures in the plane and at the airport. I journeyed alone but I met some friends in the plane. Ate Nancy and her daughter Gurlaine (she's such a pretty and smart girl, about Jam's age). Ate Nancy is married to an English guy but they are living in France. They are just stopping over Dubai for 2 hours then have their connecting flight to France. They're both very nice (especially Gurlaine, she's very talkative & witty sunggo kaayo ko sa iyang accent hehehe. We had exchanged numbers and emails so we'll surely keep in touch. When it's time to say goodbye, Gurlaine told me not to forget about her, I surely won't forget her (esp. her smile!). Hope to see both of them in the future.

By the way, the whole almost 9 hours of travel was very unpleasant for me, I couldn't sleep & I couldn't even watch a movie because I was very worried. The weather was bad and we encountered so much air turbulence that the plane shook & rattled most of the time. You can imagine my relief when we finally landed@ Dubai International Airport @ 5 o'clock in the morning.

Wheeew! What an experience...

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Laiza said...

Gosh friend your sooo unreachable na!!! :) Sorry for the late comment ha. I was ill for a week coz I had sore eyes (perte absent jud ko sa duty dli pajud kalaag). While I was viewing your pictures grabe inggit au ko. The place is sooo nice and sooo far from what we had in Taiwan. Imagine you have swimming pool pa. Hay! i'm just glad that your really doing okey there. Basta just keep us posted ha para dili mi madisconnect sa imo. TC friend.