Saturday, March 15, 2008

Welcare Hospital - Pediatric Ward

I always wanted to be around kids, I guess it's the maternal side of me. Kids are fun, active, lively, and sooo cute. But dealing with sick kids are altogether different. Sometimes I feel so sad about their conditions, and at times I get so irritated I just want to scream and leave them alone. Well it also depends with the patients and their significant others. But whatever their attitude is, I always maintain a professional relationship with them. That way I can give them the holistic care they deserve.

Anyway, working as a healthcare assistant is not that hard. These are some of my responsibilities in pediatric ward and NICU:

  • Bedmaking (chambermaid ang feeling hehehe)

  • Giving newspaper (pero di ko naga bike ha!)

  • Checking if equipments (i.e. incubators, IV & Syringe Infusion pumps, refrigerators, etc.) are working

  • Taking vital signs and plotting to chart

  • Feeding premature neonates

  • Responding to patient's call

  • Regulating and discontinuing IV infusions

  • Retrieving medications from pharmacy

  • Maintaining sufficient ward and NICU stocks and supplies

  • Sending specimen to laboratory and follow up results

  • Ensuring that equipments are clean and ready to use

For 3 weeks I'd be on a 5-day/week 10hours/shift duty. My off is on a weekend (Friday & Saturday ilang weekend diri hehehe). Then after that 12 hours per shift na, 4 days a week akong work with day and night rotations.

So long mga frens, I'll just keep you posted. Miss you all!!!


Saima said...

Welcare Hospital Garhoud is partnering with the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Centre for its November Blood Donation Drive, which will be held on 15 November at Welcare Hospital.

A specially-equipped blood collection bus will be located at Welcare Hospital’s main entrance on Sunday 15 November between 09:00-14:00 hrs, and can accommodate up to eight donors at a time. The mobile unit will be staffed by three technicians and two consulting doctors, who will assess the donor’s eligibility, and will be ready to answer any questions or queries about the process. A valid ID will be required before donation.

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