Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Found My USB Cable

I finally found my USB Cable, so I was able to upload our photos taken at the airport the day of my departure. While waiting we still got the time to take more photos, take a peek at our pictorial LOL…

On our background is the Davao International Airport. I felt as though I don’t want to go back to Dubai this time.

Mang di na ka makita hehehe

Jamjam was so brave that day, though it is very visible that she’s so sad. And when I called to ask if she cried at the airport, she said no. But she told me she cried that night, she felt so lonely sleeping with only her pillow to hug.

Ka cute jud nimo ren oi (buyag!), gigil ko...

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MyInternet said...

Great photos you got there!