Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Whole New World

I've been working here for a month now, and I realized that I never shared it to you guyz. So here's a glimpse of my new world...for three months at least.

atik-atik og charting hehehe

I specifically requested to be assigned at the Pediatric Ward. When I was still in nursing school, I never really liked Paeds coz it's so depressing to see kids being sick. But eversince I worked in this area in Dubai, I've come to love it. Eventhough it's so sad to see ill children, thinking that I could be an instrument for their healing process gives me a feeling of contentment and self-worth.

I hope I'll get through with my training, working as a nurse here is a really tough job, and it takes a lot of courage, strength, patience, and sincere passion to care for the sick to survive.

Anne, Me, Ma'am Jonah, Ma'am Fe, & Christale