Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Abreeza Experience

@children's playground
Yesterday we went to the new Robinson's Mall called Abreeza, and I felt "Dubai Sick". The mall was patterned like the ones in Dubai, down to the parking lots, restaurants, cinemas, and designer stores. I never thought I'd miss Dubai this much, the places I went and the people I've known and came to love. Anyway we had such fabulous time, though it's kinda tiring because the mall is so huge. It's just so sad that almost everything is a whole lot more expensive! We dined at Hukad, and the food was superb! They serve old fashion Filipino cuisine, with unlimited rice (this is the best part LOL). Later we watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and we all loved it, it was so funny and so filled with adventure and action.

pwedeng pang billboard? hehehe

We didn't go home last night. Instead, we spent the night with my good friend Agirl coz she's home alone. Jam and arena were so hyperactive, they just love it when their boring routine get some flavor.

Well we're home now, thank God we're safe. Gotta get some sleep though, I'm on PM shift today. Have a great day guys!


Belle said...

we also miss u here shillux! sarap movie date wit kids..download nlng namin pirates..waiting for harry finale. ;)

Lleonor said...

Where is this Abreeza. I want to go there also. ~~Cooper Classics

ChiChi81 said...

Finally, Davao City has its own upscale mall huh? ;) It's a long time coming but I'm happy we finally have Abreeza. It's time the whole country recognize the potential of our city to keep up with the "metropolitan" cities.