Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Arena!

This is my cutie, witty, hyperactive niece Arena. And today is her special day as she turns 4. Even though she always have quarrels with my baby Jamjam (and she often gets away with it unscathed grrrrr!) I still love her to the core.

Now as she blows her candle, I offer a sincere prayer that may all her wishes come true. And may God Almighty bless her with good health, sound mind, and a kind heart (specially this LOL very naughty little girl!)

I love you Arena! Be Good...please!


Michelle said...

Happy 4th Birthday Arena. What beautiful name she has. I almost named my little one the same name. She also turned 4 few weeks ago.

ckulit said...

yipppppeee happy birthday to your niece sister....

Sis PR2 ka na din pala, congrats!