Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are You Asian?

Being away from your family, your country, and your own people is not easy. Even though you get along with other races quite well, you will really look for the easy feeling of being with and talking to someone whose familiar to you in terms of culture, religion, language, etc. And if you are feeling lonely and just want somebody to talk to, why not check out this fabulous Asian Chat Room where lots of Asians from all over the planet meet online to ease their sadness and boredom away.

Membership is absolutely free, so the minute you sign-up, you can start viewing and talking to all of the members on that website in a flash. Wish you all the fun!

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Michelle said...

I can't imagine being away form my home country and away from family. That's got to be hard. Though I sure would love to travel to Europe some day. Maybe in my retirement days.