Monday, December 22, 2008

Simbang Gabi sa U.A.E.

Merry Christmas! When I was still in the Philippines, I never thought that I can celebrate Christmas season the usual way (with Christmas trees & beautiful lights, and most especially attend Simbang Gabi). Since U.A.E. is an Islamic country, I was resigned to celebrating my Christmas alone and without the merriment the holiday season brings.

But contrary to what I thought, Christmas is celebrated here freely, to my greatest joy! Me, Shushu, and my friends attended the mass tonight, and the church was overflowing with Filipinos. It's like I'm just in my home country. And the air was filled with peace and joy. I hope every day is Christmas day.

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nicoleyy said...

bloghopping! :) lucky you, we dun have that sucks! i miss proper christmas! :(