Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Personal

Everyday should be Christmas in our hearts for it is the season for giving and sharing the blessings that we received throughout the year . And receiving gifts with personal touch is more meaningful than receiving cash or cheque perhaps. It's the thought that counts, they said. And indeed, it is very true that whereas we need money this holiday season, personalized holiday gifts give warmth to our hearts. Money can never buy happiness.

So when you are shopping for gifts this Christmas, make sure you check one of these high technology gadgets you can find only at Pexagon.

Not only they are stylish, you can design it according to your taste and to the one you want to give it to. And to add icing to the cake, you can print their names and addresses so it will look highly personalized. There will be no doubt as to whom they belong!

I have visited their site, and I just can't wait to have one of those! I have my eyes specifically on that red personalized thumb drive with the Yuletide season's prints, plain lovely it is! How I wish somebody will give me one of those amazing gadgets this Christmas. They are definitely on my wish list!


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Michelle said...

I really like thess gifts ideas. Thanks for the suggestions.