Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arabic Calligraphy

I don't know but everytime I see arabic writings they seem to mesmerize me. I am more than interested in learning how to write arabic than speak the language. I've been studying it (on and off though) since I came here in Dubai. But tonight I got more interested and motivated to finish what I long started. I've memorized all the alphabets, but the real challenge is how to use them and recognize them when they are connected to other letters, not to mention their weird pronounciations. It's really difficult at first, but as you encounter words and understand their meanings, you can easily differentiate one letter from the other. Here are some of the words I learned tonight:

girl - بنت
boy - ولد
man - رجل
woman - امرأة
dog - كلب
cat - قطة
horse - حصان
elephant - فيل
ball - كرة
car - سيارة
airplane - طائرة
boat - قارب
above - على
below - تحت
in - في

I hope I still have the same interest and motivation as I go along with my studies, wish me luck guys!

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