Monday, June 8, 2009

JaM's First Day Funk

New place, new faces, new challenges. Today is Jamjam's first day in her new school (the school where I graduated both elementary and high school, Mayknoll High School of Panabo, my Alma Mater). She's now on her 3rd grade. And it hurt so much not being there with her...for her. She didn't sound nervous when I spoke to her on the phone, but her voice lack the excitement of a new girl in school. I just hope she'll get along fine, and she'll find nice friends to grow and learn with.

I'm sure she'll look great in her new uniform, though she won't be wearing it for at least a week since transferees are allowed to wear civilian clothes for some time.

Good luck Jam, enjoy learning and don't forget to have lots of fun along the way!

P.S. And oh I forgot to mention that my niece Arena (Kinder 1) and my sister Geel (1st year high school) are also getting into the same school. I've heard Arena has been restless with extreme excitement for weeks now, she's just so hyperactive. Rock on guys!!!

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