Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby's Corner

It seems that almost everyone I know has just given birth, is having a baby, or eagerly planning to have one. I myself want to have a little brother for Jamjam, but I don't think that it's the right time to have a baby considering the financial and emotional crises that surround me at the moment.

But that does not stop me from wishing or checking in advance designer baby clothes like appaman, they have a cool collection of baby's apparel that reaches out to the free-spirit of the young and innocent. And I just love the marshmallow-soft robes that barefoot dreams showcase. It's as if you're floating in the clouds whenever you wear them. It looks heavenly!

Having a hard time putting your little one to sleep? You can sit back and relax, the jelly softness of jellycat stuffed toys will do the magic. I tell you they were made especially for hugging. All these you can find in one amazing online store called Lou Lou's Corner. Whether you are shopping for your baby, nephew, niece, or grandkids, or just want to find something to give to a friend's baby shower, this shop is perfect!

Take a look, and you'll be surprise of how much you want to give everything for a child's happiness.

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