Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Good Nurse

Nurses are not just there to carry out doctor's orders, give medications, or take vital signs. We are there to give hope when it seems to be none left. To lend a helping hand and a listening ear to those who seem to have lost hope. And in order for us to be a blessing to other people, we must have a good personal outlook in life. So if you feel like you are loosing your touch, scrubs magazine is a very healthy tool to straighten you back to your calling. You can find many tips to healthy living which are very good for your soul as well as physical self.

Eventhough I don't need a license to follow Florence Nightingales' path, I still owe it to myself to practice my profession. And though my future as a professional nurse here in Dubai may seem vague, I still have lots of other options. There are lots of best cities to be a nurse, all I have to do is be patient and learn everything I can here. Or who knows maybe DOHMS will change their eligibility requirements again. I still believe that nothing is impossible with God.

Anyway, don't you know that you can still look hot in scrubs? Check out this cool chic scrubs. Come on, set the trend and be in fashion even at work.

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Laiza said...

Hi shie!

Yuppers niuli na sad ang sarah lami kaayo ug pamati...kung pwd lng lagi mosabay ug apil sa iya pagblik sa Singapore mosbay dyud ko.hehehe