Friday, March 6, 2009

Acobay: Sharing all the best stuff!

It is human nature to connect or get close to those people we like. Especially if we share common interest in life's perspectives and philosophies, hobbies, sports, etc. Before we were just confined to those we meet in our neighborhood, at school, and at church communities. But now as the new millennium took its complete turn, all of the best high technologies made the world even smaller. Now you can reach as far as the other side of pole without leaving your home through the internet. For me, this is the best thing technology had ever made. It does not just give you all the information you need, but most of all, it connects people... home... lives. I cannot imagine being away with my daughter for this long without seeing and hearing her even in a webcam. Truly, I'm so thankful to all the geniuses out there who made this possible.

There are numerous social networking sites out there in the web which offers exciting opportunities to meet people (even strangers at that) whom you can share your interest with. From entertainment to sports, education to household stuff, electronic gadgets to the best places to travel! But not all of them are the same. Others offer the good stuff, but Acobay offers only the best stuff on the planet! I specifically like their tag line: Enjoy... Exploring. Showing. Networking. You can explore to see what's hip and new in the world nowadays. Show them what you got. And connect to those who have cool stuff like you do. If you want to purchase a certain product, you can even get advice from those who already have them. That way, buying the bad stuff will be unlikely.

Yes, I already signed up as a registered user, and to tell you this place is amazing. I kept coming back to the Destinations page, here you can look up the best destination for your next holiday trip. With Acobay, you can never get enough... you'll be coming back for more.

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