Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wanted: Ben Ten

I've been looking all over Dubai for Ben Ten Omnitrix watch, all to no avail. My baby Jamjam so wanted to have this watch that I want to give her this as her birthday present. This is how it looks...

Yeah I know it looks something like toys for the boys, but what can I do, Jamjam likes it so much! And how huge would it look on her tiny wrist too!

Well as it seems, this cool watch will help you fight the forces of evil ! The Omnitrix F/X is the watch that the main character Ben Tennyson in the popular Cartoon Network TV show wears when he transforms into one of the 10 aliens he becomes to fight the forces of evil threatening the earth. The Omnitrix F/X signals the activation and de-activation modes of the watch with cool sound effects and red and green lights.

When I was in the Philippines, I used to watch cartoon series with my daughter, but now that I'm so far away from her, I don't know these stuffs anymore. Well I just hope I can buy this one before I go home, or maybe I'll just shop online... my last resort.

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