Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Road Runner

Nothing can be cooler than to drive a car with your own personalised plate numbers on. I've been meaning to get one for our car, but it is just so expensive in the Philippines. In the light of the recent crisis, it's very impractical to spend about Php 20,000 just to be cool and trendy.

But if money is not a problem to you, by all means visit Northumbria Numbers a.k.a "The Secret Kingdom". They've been providing hip and cool Personalised Number Plates all across England for more than a decade now. With their user-friendly website, you will never get lost. Everything is just a click away. And if that's still not enough, you can always call their toll free numbers to speak with a customer service representative. Everything is provided. Your job is just to decide. And so far, all of their customers drove with a huge smile of satisfaction.

How I wish I could easily spend my hard-earned money for the things I like. I planned my plate to be JAM 403 (from my daughter's name and birthdate) or MAY 522 (from my name and birthdate), what's yours gonna be?

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