Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dream Car

It has been my childhood dream to own and drive a luxury car, even before I knew how to drive. I don’t know why but every time I see one, I just couldn’t resist imagining what it feels like to be maneuvering the wheel and speeding into the highway.

But as the prices of gasoline and oil continuously rising to peak levels, people are now considering alternative resources in terms of transportation. Have you heard about electric cars? Well, I’ve heard this one a while ago but it’s not so clear to me as to how could it possibly work. So I looked it up and found out that electric cars use electric batteries which can be rechargeable instead of using internal combustion engine found in old-fashion gasoline cars. Sounds cool right? It cannot replace gasoline cars in a flash though, but I’ve read that it’s making good reputation in the automobile industry nowadays.

And the newly opened Byd Co Ltd Electric Cars is not wasting time in promoting their new topmost BYD Cars. Having conducted several international auto shows, it won’t be long until this company will make a significant mark in the automobile industry. If you want to know more about their electric cars and recent auto shows, follow the link above.


thea said...

oooooh, yeah i have my dream car too.. Any honda civic or CRV or Nissan X-trail. lol. but ofcourse sports car would be better. but you can't drive it here in the philippines. lol xD

yeah i agree, the prices goes up then down.. *sigh*

i think byd co ltd electric cars have a good news for us who doesn't want to spend much on gasoline. although electric cars does have it's ups and downs.. hopefully they'd be able to come up of a way for those weaknesses. :)

rmSOR said...

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rich said...

that's one of my dreams too... ^^ to drive a super luxury car... actually, a ford expedition will do or my fave gallardo coupe... XD

good thing they have inventions that will help people because gas (though prices are a bit lowered nowadays) we can't say that it will never rise up again... very unstable...

actually, one filipino already found a way to use water instead of gas... you just have to fix something to make it work... unfortunately, government seems to ignore the great invention cause it will mean lesser money for the country because gas pay huge tax... :(