Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's On My Mind

I always believe that in life if you believe in One Superior Being, love your family and friends to the core, and don't do harm to other creatures (be it human, animal, plants, mother nature, etc.), then there's a good chance of reserving one place in heaven when your time finally comes. But is it really enough? Now I wonder if I should do more than that.

Though I'm far from my self-actualization stage, I wonder if I should start giving a part of me to those who need it most. I'm always thinking that my family needs me most, so I have to do everything to give them a comfortable life, but are we really just confined to our own family? How about those children who never felt and experienced the warm love only a family can provide?

I believe that I am worthy of more from what I am right now, I just need more time to establish my own life so I can reach out and help others later. And that I will do, surely.

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