Sunday, October 12, 2008

Find your Tribe in MyTrybe!

Ever wonder how many people in this big wide huge universe who share the same taste, style, passion, etc. with you? Well wonder no more coz MyTrybe is here to connect us all with our long lost taste-mastes, style-mates, passion-mates etc.The World Wide Web is just as vast as the galaxy, you might not be able to meet those people who are in such a way connected to you. But Mytrybe narrows this awesome space into one great site. With similar people you can display to your fellow bloggers how similar you are to them, see and be seenby people like you, reveal your blog to people that share your sensibilities, tap into recommendations from your most similar people.

First you need to sign up at, just follow the simple steps (I promise you it's as fast as the lightning) and verify your email address. Then grab the widget here (Learn more & get the widget). Put the widget on the sidebar of your blog, not to the the post itself. Don't forget to activate the widget by filling up necessary infos on the widget itself. Then you're done!!! Easy as 1-2-3.

Now you can meet people with similar likes in things in general. You get to meet new friends, broaden your horizon, as well as enjoy every minute of it. Just simply great! So please waste no time in wondering where are those people who might just brighten up a lousy day. Mytrybe will lead them all right at your very doorstep (in your blog I mean LOL).


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