Monday, October 13, 2008

A Million Dollar Driver's License

Wheeew! Getting a Driver's License here in the U.A.E. is a very tough not to mention a very costly affair. If you're new to driving, you must enroll yourself to an accredited driving institute (Emirates Driving Institute, Galadari, Belhasa, Al Ahli, and the list continues...) and should undergo 40 driving classes.

But if you already have a driver's license in your home country, you could either apply for license without further need of driving lessons (if your home country is included in the exempted list). Or if your home country is not among the lucky ones (just like me LOL) then you can apply after undergoing 20 driving lessons. Well not bad.

Now we go to the fees, and I'm sure you'll think twice if you want to get the license or not. The cheapest per session I know is Dhs 50 (50x20= 1000) and that is exclusive of the test fees, licensing fees, and all other fees they can think of.

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eunice said...

I guess it's as expensive as getting a driving license in Singapore.. Those who attend driving schools in Singapore usually spend more than USD$1,400, not speaking about those who fail more than twice! I know of friends who failed twice and spent more than USD $2,000 on the whole package. Luckily, I didn't attend those money sucking school and learnt from a good private driving instructor and save more than 100%, that's USD684 on one time pass.