Friday, October 31, 2008

This Tag Is Long Overdue

I got this tag from a great blogger friend Michelle. It's all about sharing 7 facts or secrets when we're still teenagers. Wheew time fly so fast, it seems like yesterday that I had my debut and now I'm on my way to my thirtees! Well, here are the few facts that I remember during my teenage time:

1. My bestfriend's name is Dimple, and she's still my bestfriend until now yippee! (Actually we nearly parted ways over a guy LOL good thing we got past through it, we both realized he didn't worth that much!).

2. It was my great dream to become a beauty queen (some dreams don't come true though LOL).

3. I was the 2nd Batallion Commander in our Philippine Military Training during high school. (I roar like a lion!)

4. I was addicted to roller skating. It made me feel like I was flying!

5. I had a great high school experience!

I had my first real kiss @ 17.

I had appendectomy and it's the worst pain ever I experienced!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Glad you had a chance to play along. I think I've actually learned a little bit about you today. Thanks for sharing. Take care my friend.