Monday, July 20, 2009

Be Strong JaM!

I could never explain what i felt yesterday when I knew that Jamjam was admitted in the hospital. She's a known case of asthma, but her attacks were mild, and she was never confined in a hospital before. I just want them to do the flu test for her, just to make sure that she's not infected with swine flu. But the doctor insisted on admitting her due to very low oxygen saturation.

I couldn't breathe, I was shivering, and I was vomiting a lot. I dreaded this the most, that my baby will fall sick and I'm not there to care for her. Instead, I'm taking care of somebody else's child. Now my decision is final, I'm going home. I'll just finish my 18 months here, then I'll be free to be with my baby. And it is very soon, 2 months more.

But I'm glad she's recuperating fast, though she's still in the hospital. The doctor said she may have to stay for 2 more days because there's a lot of phlegm in her lungs. The diagnosis is: Asthma with Bronchopneumonia. She's really bored in the hospital. She told me that if her doctor won't allow her to go home tomorrow, she'll give her a black eye LOL. Naughty girl, though I know she's just kidding. I just wish she could be home by tomorrow night.

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