Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Youngest

Today we admitted the youngest baby in the history of NICU, Welcare. Though the weight is just 970 grams, it's not totally bad for a gestational age of 24 weeks! We had a 29 weeker weighing just 900 grams before (but he's one of the triplets, so that could justify it).

Anyway, the baby is on ventilator (of course LOL), with very strict vital signs and ABG monitoring. I can see how hard he's struggling to breathe (or was it just the vent?), and I hope and pray that he will survive. We had very small babies who were successful in kicking death's ass before, but they're not this young. But as I keep on saying, nothing is impossible with God.

I want to take some pictures and place it here but I'm concerned with the confidentiality matters, so just imagine a tiny baby ( the size almost the same as a 12 oz bottle), trying so hard to live to see what this world has to offer him.

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