Friday, July 31, 2009

Life Is What We Make It

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 20)
There's a fine line between making it clear you're interested in someone's ideas and making a commitment. If you can manage to do that now, you'll ensure they know you're serious about ventures, but can continue to explore the range of new and intriguing ones.

***I've already made a commitment, a huge one that could definitely alter my life and my career. I know I must make a decision, and it's now or never. Life's a continuous risk, but God will always be there with us along the way. That's the beauty of it.

Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 18)
You're just beginning to understand the extent of the changes triggered by July's eclipses. These have substantially altered the circumstances of you and others. Disruptive as this has been, it's freed you to pursue ideas that were unrealistic.

Taurus (Apr 19 - May 19)
Listen to every idea that comes your way. Initially, they'll seem improbable. Reflect on them further, however, and gradually you'll realise that one or two are ideal, even if they're different from what you had in mind.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 21)
As the new cycle begins, you must say farewell to elements of the past. This isn't easy. First, because there are sentimental reasons. But also, what's new is still untried and so you're inclined to hold on to the familiar. The sooner you let go, the better.

Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 21)
Disagreements that began as minor quibbles with partners on the domestic front have turned into serious differences. Ordinarily, you'd ignore these, hoping the situation would get better. But not only is this getting worse now, you've begun to realise the longer you wait to tackle things, the more complicated resolving them will be.

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sep 21)
While you're capable of tact, the sensitivity of one individual has meant tiptoeing around issues that must be dealt with frankly. Urgent as these seem, say little until August 2. Even the trickiest of exchanges will go far better.

Libra (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
Don't assume the difficulties you're facing are yours alone to deal with. Others are ready and eager to share the responsibility for coming up with a solution that everybody can live with. Talk these over now. The more forthright you are the better.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 20)
Obviously, before you undertake changes that would involve others, you want to ensure they're happy about your plans. Discuss them briefly. Encourage these exchanges and you'll draw them out and could use them as an excuse to avoid taking things to the next stage.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
With Venus and Mars powerfully aspecting your ruler Jupiter this week, exciting new ideas and developments could alter existing arrangements. Tempting as it is to plunge into the first opportunity, explore them all. This ensures you're aware of all your options.

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)
The problem with new ideas you're considering isn't the things involved. They're some of the most exciting you've come across. It's that you've no reason to pursue them, so could have difficulty justifying them to others. Tell them you're following your instincts.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
There are polite disagreements, and then there's the dance you're doing with others. You're pretending you're in accord when you are not. Yet you refuse to admit that there's a gulf between their views and yours. If you're ever to agree on anything, this is a vital first step.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 19)
At this juncture in planning, you can't afford the time that dealing with misunderstandings would require. This means you owe it to yourself to catch even the most minor of issues the moment they arise. Tedious as maintaining such vigilance may be, it's easier than contending with complications later in the game.



Debbie said...

Though I am not a huge fan of reading what's in based on one's horoscope sign, it can't be denied that there are just some circumstancecs that they totally are at par with what's happening with your life.

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Debbie said...

Amazing! Even if we are in a high technology some still have to believe in horoscope. Sometimes they really affect in our daily lives.

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Me, I still believe in horoscope. I don't care what will they say. ~~Dining Table