Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dust-Free Carpets

I'm really not fond of staying in our living room coz I prefer the solace and the comfort only my bedroom can provide. But since I've been asleep all day, thought I would stay up for the night and blog the night away. So I need to stay in the sala because my room mate is already asleep coz she still have to work early tomorrow.

As I browse the net, someone I don't want to talk to called me, and we talked like forever. In the middle of our conversation, (for need of something to focus to than what he was saying) I noticed that our carpet is just about due for cleaning. I could not remember it cleaned since I came to live here. But I don't know where to send it for cleaning. I wish there's a company who will just pick it up and drop it when it's all new and clean.

I'm looking for carpet cleaners offering the same services
that Sparkling Clean Of Georgia can provide. They are a legend in Atlanta carpet cleaning and other household cleaning services. How I wish they have a branch here in Dubai, so we could enjoy the great quality services they provide.

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