Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome Home Kuya!

My Kuya Jun just arrived after months of being away. He's working as a second officer for a large tanker ship company. He called me up from the hospital because they're visiting Jamjam there. I can hear the excitement from Jam's voice, she couldn't wait to go home coz she knows that there are lots of chocolates and toys waiting for her at home.

Anyway I'm so thankful that my brother is willing to help me (he has always been helpful to us). He's willing to support me with my decision to quit my job here and pursue my nursing career in the Philippines and be near with my baby. I really wish everything will turn out to be all right.

Welcome home Big Bro! Wish you a very enjoyable and exciting vacation.

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Laiza said...

Hi Shie!
Yipee! hehe uli kna dre davao.:)(with the support of ur kuya) Unta mag.abot pata haha... as if! Panghatag chocolates beh.:) Oi musta Jam? Hope she's better now.:)
Ngpa fluvac na ba xa? C mama already had one and since then wala na xa asthma attack. (buyag) :)
Ingat! Mwahh!