Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All About Me

This "All About Me" tag has been handed to me by Jenny! Everyone in my blog list & Cool Linkz has been tagged now!

The object is to complete each of the following snippets.

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I am: so away from home.
I think: i'm inlove!
I know: that everything will fall into its proper place.
I have: been blessed with a very wonderful family.
I wish: I am with my baby right now.
I hate: it when I feel like giving up.
I miss: my baby Jamjam so much.
I fear: not the ones who can only kill the flesh, but the only One who can kill our soul.
I hear: the sound of silence (hehehe mingaw kaayo diri oi).
I smell: refreshing (LOL just had my bath).
I crave: for Kinilaw with crispy lechon (mmmmm mkahurot jud kog isa ka kaldero!).
I search: for professional growth.
I wonder: if I'll ever get married!
I regret: making friends with people who didn't deserve to be called 'friends'.
I love: my Shushu & Jamjam & my family!
I ache: for my baby's touch and embrace and kisses.
I am not: afraid to take chances.
I believe: in God, the Father Almighty.
I dance: very rarely!
I sing: with emotion.
I cry: when I'm reading romantic novels & when I'm broken hearted :-D
I fight: only when provoked.
I win: nothing lately.
I lost: my innocence (charing! hehehe).
I never: wanted to be apart from those I love.
I always: count my blessings.
I confuse: attraction to love most of the time.
I listen: when a friend needs to share her feelings.
I can usually be found: at the hospital (pediatric ward or NICU) or in my room) sooo hot to go outside!
I am scared: of snakes (big ones!).
I need: someone true to share my life with, & I think I found him!
I am happy about: my accomplishents and the things that I know I'm going to achieve in the future.
I imagine: what my life will be like when I'll finally achieve my hopes & dreams.
I tag: everybody in my blog list & cool linkz!

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