Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Nutty Side Of Me

Have you ever felt that somehow the things that you do are way out of normal? Honestly I do. Sometimes I do have an obsessive-compulsive behavior (though I believe it’s just slight because I’m still perfectly aware of what I am doing LOL). Such as arranging my things and piling up my clothes in specific direction. The head-part should be facing away from the door, how odd could that be? I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable whenever things are out of place.

Good thing I’ve read an article from Reader’s Digest, Are You Normal or Nuts?, which somehow lessen my worries (thinking I’m not alone!). There you can read letters from readers who confided their worries to Reader’s Digest, which the latter had never failed to give answer, advice, and encouragement. My favorite is this one fellow who have trouble eating in front of strangers. As for myself, I could eat anywhere, with anyone! But when I was younger, I too, was guilty of this, especially during first dates LOL. But then after that I’d quickly defeat the shyness ( I’ll defeat everything, for food!).

I think there’s really nothing to worry about if you’re still aware of what you are doing and it does not hinder your day to day living. If you know you’re acting weird, and you can’t do anything to stop it, and it’s been interfering with your functions as a whole person, then and then you might need professional help or counseling. It’s better safe than sorry…

So my dear friends, if you’ve been feeling the same, I highly urge you to visit and read this site. It’s very helpful and informational. Have fun discovering your quirky side!

Are You Normal or Nuts?

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Michelle said...

Everyone has to act a little nuts once in a while to stay sane in this crazy world. I sure do. LOL!!