Monday, April 20, 2009

CDO Trip

fun under the sun...

Just came back from a fantastic vacation in Cagayan De Oro City, where we (Me, Jam, Arena, and my sister Julie) spent a great time with my brother Eric and his family. We took the bus via Buda, and it was quite a long and tiring trip, so we haven't done much on our first day there. The fun started when we went to this spring resort, it was really amazing. The kids spent all day under the scorching heat of the sun, and the most amazing part was that, it looked like they didn't feel the heat. Although we bathed them with sunblock cream, they were still toasted at the end of the day. They said it's okay because it was all worth it. Whew, you can never argue with kids.

with our respective trophies LOL

We stayed in Cagayan for about 4 days, I know it was just short, but at least we got the time to bond with my brother, his wife and their son. It was almost perfect...except for the part where my mom, dad, and our youngest sister did not go with us.

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, glad you had a great time at CagayanD.O. ^_^ saya saya naman ^_^