Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Just Love Chocolate Drinks!

The Neno’s Award

I received this award from Aby, though I hardly know what's the award meant, I'm still thankful for his thoughtfulness. The art on the photo is quite amazing, and the cup of chocolate drink looks really delicious, so I'm accepting this award whole-heartedly.

Here are the rules in grabbing this award:

1. Put the award on your blog.
2. Put the blogger link who gave you the award on your blog.
3. Pass it to another bloggers.
4. Put the links of bloggers who you give the award.
5. Leave a message or comment on their blogs so they will know they got an award from you.

To all my friendly bloggers out there, I present this award to you... Have fun!


Clarissa said...

Congratulations to your award,dear!!^_^

Aby said...

Hi Shiela,,,Congratulations!
& Thanks 4 this post..
wish u have a nice day :-)