Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Show Time

Who never dreamed to be in Las Vegas? I guess everybody wants to experience what it feels like to be in such a welcoming and gay place. I won't be surprised if they will claim they invented the word "pleasure and leisure". I do dream to witness its awesome array of bright city lights and amazing world of entertainment. This place has been the most popular destination for people who's into gambling, shopping, fine dining, etc. Name any sort of entertainment, and they have it. You'll never be disappointed. They're also known for their lightning-quick weddings. A friend told me before that you can get married and get a divorce on the very same day. Whew, that's too much to take in just one day.

But what makes Las Vegas very famous are their outstanding stage plays and shows. I could never forget the film "Showgirls", where a young drifter came to Las Vegas to become a dancer. She fought her way to become the top of the Vegas showgirls. And she succeeded, only to find out that money and fame wont last for long. It was such an inspiring story. One most of us can relate to when it comes to our own dreams and ambitions. It's not necessarily be in Las Vegas, it could also happen to us anywhere.

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