Monday, April 20, 2009

Gift Ideas

A very good friend of mine had just delivered a month ago to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Supposedly, I was one of his godparents. But Jam could not travel in such a bad condition, having an asthma attack and all. It was all set then, travel tickets and our special gift...

Actually this is not the actual gift, I've been searching for a perfect infant gift online when I remember a great online store where you can find anything and everything under the nurturing heat of the sun. If you're thinking about ShopWiki, then you are very much updated in terms of online shopping fashion. It is where I look for whenever I need perfect gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

So when I spotted these very cool mobiles I knew it would be perfect for Ate Myla's baby. I chose this kind of gift because I know it would be very beneficial to her baby. Don't you know that mobiles act as a safety diversion for babies stopping them from turning to their stomachs? Well, putting babies on their bellies can be quite dangerous, I've even read an article that it is more often associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Buying this one would not only give amusement to your babies, but also protect them from the possible hazards of lying on their tummies, especially when they are sleeping.

I also considered buying him educational books and games for children, but remembered he's still too young to enjoy and benefit from it. It was just too bad I wasn't able to hand him his gift. Anyway, there is still plenty of time to see him and give him his Christening present.

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